We believe in balance. Balance within ourselves, within our relationships and within our world. We get comfort from connecting with nature and use this to maintain peace throughout our busy lives.

Our products are cultivated to be nurturing and uplifting. They promote empowerment and embrace the inextricable link between body, mind and spirit.

We infuse our products with the beauty of nature to inspire self-love. We think that love born from authenticity is the sweetest and most lasting kind.  And it is this we want to share with you.


Only the finest ingredients from mother earth will do. We source our ingredients from ethical suppliers and communities around the world.

All of our products are small batch production and are crafted by hand.  We love the ritual, the romance and recognise that some things just feel better with a human touch.

We package all our products in biophotonic glass to ensure the products longevity and to play our part in working towards a sustainable future.